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What We Do

We are holistic planners, meaning we will help you through the many stages of your financial life and beyond. We are focused on the big picture, not just a piece of it. And while investing and insurance are a large part of what we do for clients, we offer advice and assistance in many other areas as identified below. Your Holistic Plan is a living, moving document, adjusted personally..... for YOU!

The following will give you an idea of areas addressed during various stages of life:

Education plan (RESP), Trust Accounts

Investment/Savings Education 101, RRSP's, Financial Plan, Out of Province Travel insurance for sports groups or personal travel

Business Insurance Plan, Business Investment Plan, Tax Planning, Group Health Plan, Group RRSP Plan, Personal Financial Plan 

Financial Plan, Investment/Savings Plan for a house/education/car/retirement, Mortgages, Secured Lines of credit, Credit Education, Cash flow/Budgeting, Insurance/Estate Plan

Financial Plan, Tax Free Savings Plan, Cash flow/Budgeting, Mortgages and Debt Management, Investments, Retirement Plan, Income Protection Plan, Travel Insurance, Estate Plan

Financial Plan, Debt management, Tax Free Savings Plan, Cash flow/Budgeting, Investments, Retirement Plan, Insurance Plan, Estate Plan

Financial Plan, Retirement Income Plan, Tax Free Savings Plan, Investment Plan, Insurance Plan for tax savings and the transfer of wealth